How to include folders in filtered views in SharePoint 2010

By default when you will create a view and add some filters on it, you will not be able to see folders which may contain filtered items.

For example you have a document library called Sales Reports, users create several folders in this library like Q1 and in this document library you create a view My Reports and add a filter in this view to include documents which are created by the user who is accessing the SharePoint 2010 Site. To do this you will simply add a filter on Created By column, afterwards you will notice that documents upload inside Q1 folder are not shown in this view.

To accomplish this modify view, go to filter section and add another filter by following these steps

  1. Select Or
  2. Content Type in When Column dropdown
  3. Is Equal to
  4. Type “Folder” in the text field.

It should be like the following


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