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SharePoint 2007 workflows missing after migrating to SharePoint 2010

After migrating SharePoint 2007 portal to 2010, I noticed that the workflows associated with lists were not available and after researching a bit, I found something interesting on TechNet.

If you had disabled the Workflow Auto Cleanup timer job in your Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment, make sure that you disable this timer job in your new environment also. If this timer job is enabled in the new environment and disabled in the previous version environment, you might lose workflow associations when you upgrade. For more information about this timer job, see Disable preservation of workflow history (SharePoint Server 2010).

I checked the timer job and it was running on both machines so something else was at play here so later I found out here that

“In SharePoint 2010 the 2007 workflows are there to allow any running workflows to complete, but by default creating new instances of the workflows is disabled as the expectations are that you will want to move forward to the SharePoint 2010 workflows.”

And to allow creation of SharePoint 2007 workflows instances, I followed Vinit’s solution which was

  1. Activate SharePoint 2007 workflows feature in Site Collection Features
  2. Remove ‘none’ from <AssociationCategories>none</AssociationCategories>




Don’t’ forget take backup of these files before modifying them.

I hope you find this post useful, thanks for reading.